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In 2002, Omnia was formed under the premise that there was an abundance of capital in the marketplace, but little REAL operating experience within the private equity markets. Having just completed a roll up of vertically integrated businesses in the steel market, Omnia was formed with the purpose of identifying, locating and acquiring lower middle market companies and leveraging 30 years of experience in operating, acquiring, managing and growing middle market businesses. 

Omnia's experience of successfully growing several businesses that have exceeded $100 million in revenue has helped to define and develop the core strengths that are imperative to a company's success. Having been business owners ourselves, we relate with the challenges to running a business day-to-day and the pressure points and hurdles that come with each new stage of growth. 

Without the ability to see past these challenges, develop long-term vision and reinvest capital, the company cannot achieve its long term goals. Assisting owners in recapitalizing, providing liquidity, growth capital, strategy and implementation of the long term plans has been at the core of our business and the foundation of our success. 

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