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Current Portfolio

Founded in 1987, Mama Lola's Tortillas is a manufacturer of authentic, fresh and delicious tortillas. Based in Phoenix, AZ, the company serves a wide array of customers ranging from restaurants to grocers to private catering customers across the Southwest region. 

Mama Lola's produces corn and flour tortilla's in a variety of flavors, shapes, colors and sizes with the goal of producing the healthiest options at the lowest cost. 

Omnia made an investment to support the acquisition of the company alongside MelCap Partners, Scott Leech and management. 

Founded in 1978 and based in Houston, TX, RAM manufactures aluminum window products, and is a distributor of several leading national window and door brands. 

Acting as a manufacturer and distributor enables RAM to be a single source supplier for its customers, which includes contractors, dealers, and home builders. 

Omnia made an investment to support the acquisition of the Company alongside Orix Mezzanine and Private Equity and Management. 

Camela Medical Group, a leading specialty provider of surgical devices, medical equipment and medical supplies to varied facilities throughout the Midwest. 

A St. Louis, MO based company, acquired in 2012, Camela has been providing various medical products for Acute Care Facilities, Critical Care Facilities, Long Term Care Facilities, Psychiatric Care Facilities, Regional Hospitals and State Facilities since 1983.

Omnia made an investment to satisfy liquidity plans for the original owner and provide growth capital.

Castle Stone combines the beauty of natural stone with the durability of masonry to create detailed architectural stone. 

Castle Stone's products are derived from natural products and manufactured using a blend of portland cements, iron-oxide dry pigments, specialty light-weight aggregates and other proprietary ingredients that add strength and durability.

Their products can be used on your home or retail shops, patio & grill areas, entrance monuments & columns, or for interior uses. 

Recent Exits

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Western has been in the door and window industry since 1959, using precision craftsmanship and the highest quality hardware to create customized products. 

Omnia's investment in Western began in 2006 alongside a new President and Vice President of Sales. At the time, Western was a regional window manufacturer serving the markets of Phoenix, Las Vegas and Palm Springs. During Omnia's ownership, Western's revenue grew 8x that of 2006 with EBITDA outpacing revenues at 10x growth enjoying 5 straight years of 50% year-over-year sales growth. Omnia, alongside management, transformed Western from a small regional manufacturer to a nationally recognized brand and the leader in wide opening doors. 

Past Transactions

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